Professional Tree PlantingTree Planting

Large strong trees come from small healthy trees.

When planting a tree for a client we always start by choosing the right tree for the right location. Consider the tree’s characteristics and requirements as well as the existing soil composition,  soil moisture, pH and available space for the tree to grow in.

Next, we choose healthy plant stock. We inspect the tree before planting to ensure there is no damage to the trunk and branches of the tree. We look at the root ball and make sure it is not root bound and that the roots are not damaged or wrapped around the trunk (girdling).  We also make sure that you can see the root collar (the point in which the trunk transforms into roots) and that it is above the soil level in the pot and once planted.

We ensure that the tree is planted and staked properly and watered thoroughly. Clients are required to then water the new tree until it is established.

Tree planting is completed in Spring and Fall.

If you are interested in having a tree planted, our Tee Health Care Specialist can visit your property and provide a quote based on tree species and size. Call 705-657-6916 or email releaf(at)