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Pruning is a key factor in maintaining and optimizing a trees health in an urban setting. Removing deadwood and crossed branches, improving structure, enhancing vigor, creating clearance and maintaining safety are all common situations where pruning is encouraged. An arborist must have a clear understanding of tree requirements for health as well as knowledge of the internal biological mechanics necessary for optimal response to pruning. Logan Tree Experts’ pruning techniques are in accordance with ANSI A300 standards as recommended and endorsed by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture).

Cabling and Bracing

Cable and bracing are two techniques used to give supplemental support to trees that have partially failed or show characteristics prone to failure. These techniques, or any for that matter, cannot make a tree 100% safe, but it can mitigate the risks to a customer’s acceptable level.

Support systems generally fall into two categories: static and dynamic. Static systems hold trees rigid and restrict movement to lessen failure potential, while dynamic systems allow for tree movement and encourage the tree to compensate naturally for its structural weakness. A subcategory of cables and braces are invasive or non-invasive systems. Simply put, invasive means the system is implanted within the tree’s wood while non-invasive describes securely fastening the system around the trees trunk or branches. These systems may be used independently or in combination depending on the specific needs of the situation.

Advanced knowledge of a tree’s defense, stress levels, and physics is necessary in order to install these systems properly. All support systems must be inspected by a professional after a substantial weather event as well as a bi-annual inspection to ensure the system is functioning properly.


It is a misconception that removing a tree is as simple as going up and cutting. Safety is the main concern regarding removals for all involved, including the climber, crew, public and property. A removal must be done in a manner that assures all their safety. Tree dynamics and oscillation, equipment capabilities and limitations are serious considerations to be analyzed. Experience and constant upgrades in education and techniques are necessary when removing trees. Logan Tree Experts is confident in its knowledge and can perform removals in the safest means possible.


The key to a successful planting is utilizing proper procedures and identifying the proper plant for the site. Tree characteristics, soil composition, landscape function and space availability are just a few of the many aspects to consider when planting. At Logan Tree Experts we recognize that healthy trees that are properly planted will result in strong, safe and healthy mature trees.

Tree Health Care Program

Trees in an urban setting encounter unique stresses throughout the duration of their lifespan. Let Logan Tree Experts optimize the potential of your trees.

Logan Tree Experts encourages a holistic, proactive approach to tree care which focuses on maintaining and enhancing a tree’s natural growth and defences. This is done by using an integrated management system that includes monitoring, proper pruning techniques and the application of organic and non-toxic fertilizers and pesticides.

Consulting and Arborists Reports

What’s wrong with my tree? Learn how Logan Tree Experts’ Certified Arborists can answer your questions.

Stump Removal

Get your lawn back! Remove unwanted stumps from your landscape. It’s fast, efficient and cost effective.