Tree Management Consulting & Contracting Services

Tree Consultation

Consultations are an opportunity for property owners to ask questions and to learn about their trees. This lets the property owner make educated and informed decisions about their tree management and the future maintenance that they require.

Logan Tree Experts offers tree consultations individually or in conjunction with an arborist report. The topics of arborist reports can include planting plans, tree health evaluations, tree risk assessments and construction plans.

Construction Plans

Construction practices can negatively affect the health of adjacent and surrounding trees in numerous ways. The stress incurred by trees during construction can lead to structural failure and / or premature death. Let Logan Tree Experts create and implement a tree protection plan specifically designed for the needs of your specific project.

Contracting Services

Logan Tree Experts offers its professional tree management services to various area business’ on a contract basis. Our advanced knowledge of trees and tree care, as well as rigging, offer other trades the opportunity to increase efficiency and safety by utilizing our expert abilities. Whether you are a tree service in need of a contract climber or full crew support or a construction or landscape company requiring an Arborist construction or site preparation plan, Logan Tree Experts can supplement your business and increase the service your company offers your clientele.

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  • Contract climbing
  • Site preparation/lot management
  • Arborist reports
  • Construction plans
  • Chipping services/material management
  • High rigging