Tree Health Care Program

Trees in an urban or developed setting encounter unique stresses throughout the duration of their lifespan. Logan Tree Experts encourages a holistic, proactive approach to tree health care which focuses on maintaining and enhancing a tree’s natural growth and defenses. This is done by using an integrated management system that includes proper tree planting, proper pruning techniques,  maintaining healthy roots and monitoring for pests and disease.

Flowering Northern Catalpa managed by Logan Tree Experts


Tree planting


Soil Analysis, Remediation, and Root Exploration


Tree Risk Assessments

Tree Protection

Pest Management

Emerald Ash Borer 

Needle Cast

Apple Scab

Insecticidal Soap

Stump Sprout Treatment

Oak Wilt monitoring

Dormant oil application for aphids, mites, scales and mealybugs

Anti desiccant spray for winter protection

Introducing Our New Program:

Tree Health Care Subscription

Experience peace of mind with our new Tree Health Care Subscription! With this service, we’ll monitor the health of your trees, provide proactive recommendations and schedule site visits. Our team of experts will keep track of your trees’ well-being, ensuring they thrive for years to come. Subscribe today.

Tier 1: Standard Care – $75/yearTier 2: Enhanced Care – $90/year
Annual Site Visit: Our certified arborists will conduct an annual site visit in late Spring to assess the overall health of your trees and provide recommendations for maintenance. 
Recommendations: Receive personalized recommendations for tree care, including watering schedules, pruning advice, and soil amendments, and pest identification
Soil Sampling: We will collect a soil sample to analyze the nutrient levels and pH balance, providing valuable insights into your tree’s health. $40 per tree
Everything in Tier 1, plus:
Two Annual Site Visits: The extra site visit during the summer will allow us to see any decline during the season from pests or environmental issues and provide proactive care.
Pest Management Plan: Our experts will develop a customized pest management plan to prevent and control common pests and diseases that may affect your trees.
Soil Sampling: $40 per tree