Proactive Tree Protection Before Construction

Preserving Tree Health

Trees offer many values including environmental benefits and aesthetic value. Are you considering construction on your property? Projects from laying patio stones to building a house can have an impact on tree health. A tree protection plan can reduce the risk of tree damage and mortality with air spade root excavation, pruning, and follow-up site visits, so that you can continue to enjoy the trees in your landscape.

Tree Protection Plans:

Tree protection plans are tailored to the specific needs of each tree on the site while working with the proposed construction plan. These plans outline the installation of physical barriers, pruning of trees to create clearance for machines, and identify any trees that may need to be removed prior to construction.

Air Spade Root Excavation and Pruning:

The air spade is a non-invasive method for assessing root health and reducing soil compaction. By delicately dislodging soil around tree roots, arborists can identify and address issues such as root encroachment on foundations, allowing for targeted root pruning to maintain tree health and prevent damage.

Follow-Up Site Visits:

Throughout the duration of the construction project, regular site visits monitor the health and condition of protected trees. These visits assess the effectiveness of tree protection measures, identify any emerging issues, and make necessary adjustments to ensure the continued well-being of the trees.

By prioritizing proactive tree protection measures, arborists can minimize the impact of construction activities on tree health and preserve the invaluable ecological and aesthetic benefits provided by urban trees. Through collaborative efforts between arborists, contractors, and property owners, we can safeguard our urban forests for future generations to enjoy.

City of Peterborough Tree Protection By-Law

At Logan Tree Experts, we adhere to the City of Peterborough’s tree protection bylaw specifications to ensure the preservation of urban trees. We prioritize the health and longevity of trees within our community while carrying out our services. To learn more about the City of Peterborough’s tree protection bylaw specifications, please visit