Tree Disease : Oak Wilt Disease

Oak Wilt Disease

Oak wilt disease now in Ontario The first confirmed cases of Oak Wilt Disease were found in Ontario in 2023 in the Niagara region and near Barrie.  What is Oak Wilt Disease? Oak wilt disease is a vascular disease of oak trees, caused by the fungus Bretziella fagacearum*. The fungus grows on the outer sapwood of…

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Glossary of Terms

The following glossary of terms has been created to provide clear definitions for unfamiliar or specialized terms that you may see in your quote or hear in conversations with the Logan Tree Experts team.  Abiotic disorder– plant problems caused by nonliving agents Absorbing roots– fine fibrous roots that take up water and nutrients, mostly located…

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The Importance of Tree Risk Assessments

Tree Assessment

Tree Risk Assessments are an important component of responsible tree care, offering insights into the health and safety of trees on private and public property. Certified arborists with an ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification evaluate and identify potential hazards to implement appropriate management strategies, providing peace of mind to property owners and managers. Identifying Potential…

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Enhancing Tree Health Through Soil

Root Excavation

Soil Remediation Soil remediation is the technique of enhancing soil quality and creating an environment conducive to root development and overall tree health. Central to this process is the incorporation of good topsoil, mulch, and pore space, which play pivotal roles in supporting tree health. Good Topsoil Good topsoil is the foundation for healthy soil…

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Proactive Tree Protection Before Construction

Preserving Tree Health Trees offer many values including environmental benefits and aesthetic value. Are you considering construction on your property? Projects from laying patio stones to building a house can have an impact on tree health. A tree protection plan can reduce the risk of tree damage and mortality with air spade root excavation, pruning,…

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The Benefits of Mulching

Mulching the base of trees is a simple and effective practice that offers a many benefits for tree health and vitality. By creating a natural mulch ring around the base of a tree, arborists can enhance nutrient input, improve moisture retention, and foster a healthy soil ecosystem. In this blog post, we’ll explore the advantages…

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Fertilizing Trees

Tree Fertilizing

Benefits of Fertilizing Fertilizing can play a crucial role in nurturing the health and vitality of trees, offering a variety of benefits throughout their lifecycle. In the spring, high-nitrogen fertilizers contribute to leaf development and promote lush foliage, assisting trees during the growing season. As autumn approaches and trees transition into dormancy, high-phosphorus fertilizers prioritize…

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Needle Cast and Spruce Trees

Needle cast, a fungal disease, is a common threat to various species of spruce trees, with Blue spruce being particularly vulnerable. This disease specifically targets the needles of spruce trees, causing them to prematurely turn yellow or brown and eventually drop from the tree. It often affects older needles located towards the inner portions of…

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Storm-damaged Trees – What should you do?

When a powerful storm blows through, it can leave behind storm-damaged trees on your property. Whether it’s broken branches, uprooted trunks, or structural damage, dealing with tree damage can be overwhelming for homeowners. However, knowing the right steps to take can help mitigate further risks and ensure the safety of your property. Below, we will…

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Best Arborist Award Winner

Matt Logan

Congrats Matt! Matt Logan was the 2023 recipient of the ‘Best Arborist’ award in the Peterborough Reader’s Choice Awards this year! Thank you to the nominee and to those who voted!  Matt was in a landscape technician program in 2000 when he took an elective course in arboriculture and realized it was what he really wanted to…

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