Two More ISA Certified Arborists on the Team

ISA Certified Arborist Certification

Congratulations to Andrew Dolan and Tracy Logan who recently passed their ISA Certified Arborist exams issued by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)! Andrew is joining the team this year as a Lead Arborist and Tracy Logan is coming on full time as the Office Manager, Tree Health Care Specialist and Manager of the Releaf…

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Winter is a great time of year to remove trees!

Winter Tree work

Winter is a great time of year to remove trees. Why? Less impact on your lawn Gardens are dormant No chainsaws running while you’re sitting on the dock! Crew can utilize lake ice to remove trees along shorelines Safer to remove insect infested trees in winter Call or email today to schedule a site visit…

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Put the Forest back in your Trees!

Help your trees stay healthy! Our urban trees don’t have the pleasure of growing in their natural environment – the forest. The urban environment places significant stress on our trees which are forced to grow in poor and compacted soils with reduced water infiltration and root damage.   However, with the help of a professional arborist it’s possible to mitigate…

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