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Archive for April 2012

Tree Questions? Ask an expert!

Need some advice on the health of your trees? Call us to schedule a consultation to discuss tree pests and diseases, organic fertilizing, pruning or removal. Our Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor can provide you with the information that you require to make the right decision. Call today – 705.657.6916

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It’s Time to Fertilize your Trees

Spring is here and that means it’s time to treat your trees to some organic fertilizer! The fertilizer will promote stronger roots and a healthier canopy to combat strong winds and the attack of pests and disease. Call today to book an application – 705.657.6916.

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3 Steps to More Storm Tolerant Trees

2011 saw its fair share of storms causing damage to trees and property throughout the Kawarthas. As the owner of Logan Tree Experts I spent a lot of time talking to my clients about why some trees fall and why some stand during weather events such as this. While there are lots of reasons for…

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“Viewpoints” – the art of sitelines.

In my opinion, few things in life are better than this: sitting on your front deck looking out onto the water, feeling the warmth of the sun and hearing a gentle breeze rustling through the trees. Now that’s a great day at the cottage. Great cottage views are not always ‘born’—sometimes they must be created…

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What is reduction pruning?

Logan Tree Experts recently performed a reduction pruning on a mature Walnut tree in Peterborough. Reduction pruning is done to reduce the size of a tree’s canopy. This is an effective way to minimize the potential for limb failure in mature trees. This pruning technique can be done in conjunction with cable and bracing or…

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