Fireblight on your Apple or Pear Trees

Are your apple and pear trees looking sick? It’s likely Fireblight which has been causing major problems this spring. Since heavy pruning can cause more harm than good, it’s best to hold off until later in the season when Fireblight will subside with warmer, dryer temperatures. Click here to read more.

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ReLeaf Tree Health Care Program

Root Excavation

Logan Tree Experts has always offered tree care advice to keep your tree healthy, but this year we have taken it to a whole new level! We now have a Tree Health Care Specialist, Jenn Sek,  to head up our ReLeaf program and focus on everything from protection against Emerald Ash Borer and other pest…

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LTE Speaks to Lake Associations about Chainsaw Safety

With the increase in storm damaged trees across the region it is inevitable that homeowners are going to take matters into their own hands and cut up fallen trees on their properties.  Logan Tree Experts wanted to do our part to spread the word of chainsaw safety  and help distinguish between a DIY job and…

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