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Archive for November 2014

Winter is a great time of year to remove trees!

Why is winter a great time to complete tree removals?? 1/ Less impact on your lawn 2/ Gardens are dormant 3/ No chainsaws running while you’re sitting on the dock! 4/ Crew can utilize lake ice to remove trees along shorelines 5/ Safer to remove insect infested trees in winter Call or email today to…

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Winter Prep. Tip #3 – To wrap or not to wrap

After last year’s harsh winter we are all thinking about how to protect our trees from winter kill this year. A common measure to protect evergreens is to wrap them with burlap. You may consider wrapping your evergreen trees with burlap if: they are newly planted they seem weaker than the previous year they are exposed to strong…

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Winter Prep. Tip #1- Guard against animal damage

Trees can become a target for animals like mice and rabbits, both of which chew bark and can girdle trees.  Protect your trees by installing guards before the snow falls. Be sure that the guard is high enough to stop the suspected animal and to accommodate for the depth of snow around the tree’s trunk!

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