Spring 2012 Leaf-let Newsletter: ReLeaf Tree Health Care Program

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If 2011 taught us anything it’s that weather is unpredictable! We saw some extreme weather and lost some beautiful trees at our homes and in our neighborhoods. This reminds us that it is very important to keep our trees healthy with regular maintenance and monitoring.

Logan Tree Experts saw some great growth and improvements in 2011. Along with a name change (so that people could say our name!) we increased the size of our crew and equipment fleet to better serve our clients. We continue to grow and are excited to serve you and your trees this year!

During the winter season Matt spent some time with his other passion – teaching! He trained arborists in Saskatchewan and Alberta with the company Arboriculture Training and Education and became an instructor in the Arboriculture program at Humber College in the discipline of Arborist Theory. In addition, Matt is now a regular columnist for Ontario Arborist trade magazine.

Not sure if your trees are healthy? Call us to set up a consultation with our Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor.

The Logan family also saw growth in 2011 with the arrival of Emma on November 9th!



Logan Tree Experts offers a tree health care program called ReLeaf. This is a proactive tree health care program that focuses on keeping your trees healthy from the roots to the branch tips. This includes keeping the soil around the tree healthy to create a positive growing media for the roots – the life line of the tree.

A vast majority of tree problems in the urban environment are due to unsuitable soils that inhibit the proper growth of the tree. We aim to reduce this impact by replicating and mimicking a trees natural environment – the forest. The ReLeaf program is based on a holistic and environmentally friendly method that avoids the use of chemicals and salt based fertilizers. Let the ReLeaf program put the forest back in your trees.

ReLeaf is a multi facetted and personalized program offering the following services:

  • soil amendments
  • organic fertilizer application
  • root excavation and  diagnosis
  • aeration and watering
  • companion planting

Click here to visit the service page of our website to learn more about our other services.

Introducing the 2012 Team!

Matthew Logan (Owner) A native of Lakefield, Ontario, Matthew Logan has been in the Arboriculture industry since 2001. He graduated from the Arboriculture program at Fleming College in 2003. In subsequent years, Matthew has become a Certified Arborist and Tree Worker through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and is a Certified Tree Risk Assessor through the Pacific Northwest ISA chapter. Matthew is also a trainer for Arboriculture Canada Training and Education, a nationwide arborist training company focusing on safety and innovation. Matthew started Logan Tree Experts to promote proper tree care and maintenance and to educate his customers on maintaining healthy trees on their properties.

Matt Thornton (Climber/Foreman) Matt is a graduate of the Arboriculture Technician program at Fleming College and is working towards becoming an ISA certified Arborist. His passion for the outdoors and love of tree climbing has led him to his career in Arboriculture. Matt placed second in the 2011 tree climbing champion at Fleming College and looks forward to competing in the Ontario tree climbing championships in the future. When not at work he enjoys hunting, camping and of course spending time with his family.

Jonathon Murray (Sr. Groundsman/ Jr. Climber)Jonathon is a graduate of the Fleming College Arboriculture program and is returning to Logan Tree Experts for a second season. Originally from the Haliburton region Jon spends his leisure time enjoying the outdoors.

Eric McKay (Groundsman) – Eric is a graduate of the Urban Forestry and Forestry program at Fleming College. Originally from the Uxbridge area he now calls Peterborough home.

Tracy Logan (Office Manager) Although she is not often seen up the tree, Tracy’s work behind the scenes is integral to Logan Tree Experts. Tracy manages the bookkeeping and payroll, and assists with marketing and advertising for the business. As well as keeping Logan Tree Experts in-line, Tracy is on maternity leave from her full time job in the field of environmental stewardship.