Tips for Winter Tree Care

Frosty Trees

Winter Tree Care

It seems that once the leaves fall off the trees in the fall they are often forgotten about until spring, however, there are many things that can be done at this time of year to protect your trees and ensure their future health. A few winter tree care tips are:

  • Protect your trees from plow damage. Set boundaries for where snow can be pushed and piled. A plow scrape on the trunk of a tree can have lasting negative effects on its health.
  • Keep de-icing salts away from your trees. Salt accumulation in the soil can interfere with the trees ability to take up water through its roots.
  • Deadwood pruning during the dormant season.
  • If your tree experiences winter storm damage from wind or ice, have the damaged branches pruned properly to give it the best chance at sealing the wounds.

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