Manage your Ash trees for EAB – Protect them or Remove them!

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer larvae in Peterborough ON

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is in the Kawarthas! We have been removing dead ash trees and finding the borer larvae (photo below). Do not put off managing the ash trees on your property – protect them or remove them! The Borer has made a steady advance through Ontario since its arrival in Detroit in 2002, leaving devastation in its path.  Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa and all towns in between have struggling or dead ash trees due to EAB. Unfortunately no true ash tree (does not include Mountain Ash) is safe and will ultimately fall victim. However there are options for your ash trees. Read on to learn more……EAB on hand

Option One: Protection
One option for protection is the injection of TreeAzin, an approved biological insecticide. TreeAzin is a natural product made from Neem tree seeds. The Neem tree grows in India and many common household products such as bath soap are made from the seed extracts. As documented by the Canadian Forest Service, TreeAzin does not pose a significant risk to bees or other non-target species. TreeAzin is injected into the tree every two years and may only be applied by a licensed pesticide applicator and one who has been trained by the supplier of TreeAzin. Injections are completed from June until the end of August.

TreeAzin injectionOption Two: Removal
It is sad to think about removing our beautiful Ash trees but since it is inevitable that they will succumb to EAB, it is wise to remove them. Trees that are affected by EAB die quickly and are typically prone to collapse and breakage which can be a safety hazard. Also, the price for removal of a dead or unhealthy tree is greater than a healthy tree due to the increased risk to the Arborist and potential need for aerial lift equipment.


Call today to schedule a quote for TreeAzin injections or for the removal of your ash tree(s). We can have an ISA Certified Arborist look at your tree to let you know if it is healthy enough to protect.

Financial Assistance (City of Peterborough):
Attention all Peterborough residents with Ash trees. The CIty of Peterborough and TreeCanada are offering the TreeAzin treatment subsidy for private ash trees again this year (2016).

Information about the program and an application form is available on the TreeCanada releaf web page by clicking here. Click on the words ‘application form’. The form must be printed out, scanned and emailed to or dropped off at City Hall.

Contact us at 705-657-6916 or to help you through this process.