Time to book your Tree Planting and Fertilizer Application

Maple Tree planting

Tree Planting

Tree PlantingSpring is a great time for tree planting. It allows the trees to get established before the heat of the summer sets in.

When it comes to planting trees remember that “Large strong trees come from small healthy trees”. When planting a tree the most important place to start is with the right tree for the right location.  It is important to consider the tree’s characteristics and requirements as well as soil composition, soil moisture and available space for the tree to grow in. If any of these factors are missing the health of that tree will be affected throughout its lifetime and the chance of failure in a storm increases dramatically.

We can help determine the right location and type of tree for your property. We can source the best plant stock and make sure that it is planted properly.

Fertilizer ApplicationFertilizer Application

We offer Spring fertilizer applications to help your trees and shrubs stay healthy. We use a fertilizer that is injected into the upper layer of roots. We typically begin fertilizing trees after the leaves flush.


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