Peterborough: Interim Tree By-law in Place

Tree Conservation Bylaw

New Interim Tree By-law Now in Effect

As of March 25, 2019, by-law 19-042 will take the place of the previous Tree Preservation Bylaw 17-120. This will be an interim by-law during a consultation process and creation of a new tree preservation by-law, scheduled for completion in Fall 2019. Please note: this change does not affect the current Woodland Preservation By-law 17-121.

In order to remove a tree 7.5cm DBH or larger on private property, you must provide The City with no less than 72hrs written notice by providing specific information via an online form or hardcopy to City Hall. The by-law does not regulate the pruning of any tree or removal of trees under 7.5cm DBH.

Information required:

a. each Owner’s name, mailing address, telephone number and, if applicable, e-mail address;
b. species;
c.  DBH;
d.  the reasons, if any, for the proposed Destruction including, as applicable, the Tree’s condition; and
e. each Owner’s plan, if any, to replace the Tree.

The information can be provided to The City using the following forms:

Online Form – click here.
Printer Friendly PDF Form – click here.

The notice is effective when given by e-mail to [email protected] or when received in City Hall, 500 George St. N., Peterborough, Ontario, marked to the attention of the City’s Urban Forest Manager as “Tree By-law Notice”.

For more information contact the City’s Urban Forest Manager at [email protected] or  1-855-738-3755 Ext. 1813 or 1878