Gypsy Moth (LDD) Control Program 2022

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The Kawartha region was devastated by LDD last summer. You may have noticed your trees covered in caterpillars, your patio furniture covered in an unsightly layer of caterpillar feces, and damage to oak, basswood, pine, spruce, and several other tree species.

Due to the number of egg masses found on trees in our region, we are expecting another damaging infestation this summer. To assist landowners, we have built a management program to assist you with controlling the gypsy moth on your property.   


  • Scraping off and disposing of egg masses 
    • now until late April – each egg mass can contain approx. 300 eggs!
  • Bio-insecticide application (May-July)
    • Spraying of Btk until the caterpillar’s face turns yellow
    • Spraying of a contact insecticide to kill caterpillars on contact
    • Injection of a systemic bioinsecticide
  • Moth Traps
    • to trap male moths once they hatch from pupae
  • Mechanical Control
    • Installation of burlap skirts and sticky bands

Please email [email protected] to discuss our services and determine the right approach for LDD control on your property.