Our 72′ Spider Lift – Increasing Safety and Efficiency

72 ft Spider Lift

In 2020 we added a new tool to our fleet to help us safely prune and remove trees. This unique 72′ Spider Lift can enter through openings as narrow as 36″ and onto waterfront properties where access with a bucket truck is limited or impossible.  The aerial lift has a small footprint and runs on tracks which limits the impact on lawns, especially when combined with protection mats.


We can use the Spider Lift when removing trees that cannot be safely climbed. With the increase of hazardous trees due to storms and the Emerald Ash Borer infestation, we are seeing an increased need for this aerial device.

The Spider Lift can also be used to fight Gypsy Moth by accessing the upper canopy of the trees to remove egg masses and apply pesticide to help reduce the caterpillar population.

We use this equipment primarily for tree work but can also assist homeowners and contractors with maintenance or building projects.

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