Let us Save your Ash Trees!


The Emerald Ash Borer has been killing Ash trees across North America since 2002 and has now surrounded the Peterborough area. What can you do? Call Logan Tree Experts to have your ash trees injected with TreeAzin. TreeAzin, a systemic insecticide, is an effective product for EAB control approved for use in Ontario and Quebec. TreeAzin can prevent EAB damage in healthy Ash trees and prevent further damage in attacked Ash trees.

Logan Tree Experts is certified and ready to help you protect your Ash trees. Call or email our office today to schedule your treatment.

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Tree Cable and Bracing – A Case Study


Logan Tree Experts was recently contacted about a Red Maple with a large vertical seam between its two main stems which was gradually separating further.  The client hoped to keep the tree as it is a key landscape focal point and provides shades over their deck.

It was decided that a four  pronged plan would be used. First, the two stems were temporarily winched together with a comealong, then 2 threaded rod braces were drilled and secured perpendicular to the seam, to stop the seam from increasing. Second, with the comealong winch in place, a non invasive synthetic support cable was placed approximately two thirds above the defect (seam) to reduce canopy movement and stress on the union. Third, the tree was pruned to reduce the height and lessen the “lever” action during wind events. This pruning will also encourage internal branching closer to the main stems. It was decided to prune no more than 10% as this tree was under stress. Fourth and lastly, we have scheduled a spring fertilization to increase vigor since the Maple tree was under significant stress due to construction damage, soil compaction, grade change and root disturbance.

These tree support techniques, or any for that matter, cannot make a tree 100% safe, but it can mitigate the risks to a customer’s acceptable level.

All support systems must be inspected by a professional after a substantial weather event as well as a bi-annual inspection to ensure the system is functioning properly.

Contact Logan Tree Experts to find out more about cabling and bracing – 705-657-6916 or contact@logantreeexperts.com.

Cabling and Bracing a Maple treeDrilling holes into the maple in order to insert the 2 threaded rod braces

The Leaf-let – Spring 2014

Blog Newsletters

 Published March 2014

2013 – Year in Review

Looking back at 2013, we saw Logan Tree Experts (LTE) continue to grow and expand its services. We were proud to be one of only two local companies offering TreeAzin treatments to combat the upcoming Emerald Ash Borer infestation (see EAB article).

By far, 2013 was preoccupied with the July wind storm  that devastated the northern portion of our service area. Thousands of trees were toppled, damaged and destroyed. The LTE crew displayed their technical knowledge,experience and high standards by safely removing high risk storm damaged trees while protecting and preserving our clients properties.

We appreciate the trust and opportunity given to us by our clients during that time. We would also like to say thank you to our clients who showed great patience and understanding as LTE postponed scheduled work to help in this disaster.
Commitment and Re-Commitment

While 2013 offered many highlights and opportunities for LTE we also recognized some areas in need of improvement. We understand that satisfaction and happy clients drive our business and we need to improve to serve you, our valued clients.

LTE needs to reduce client wait times for service, improve communications and increase customer service. In order to accomplish this we have implemented these changes:

1/ New dedicated sales person
2/ New dedicated Plant Health Care specialist
3/ New streamline processes for client contact, site visits, scheduling & invoicing

We want to grow with you as our clients and hope we can prove that to you in 2014!

Client Appreciation Discounts!

To show how much we appreciate your business we would like to announce the following discounts now available to our clients:

  • Receive a 10% discount if you book your spring tree work by April 15th
  • Receive a 10% discount on tree planting after LTE removes a tree
  • Receive a 5% Seniors discount
  • Receive a 5% discount on services within the Plant Health Care program with each referral
  • Receive a 10% discount if you are a member of the East Kawartha Chamber of Commerce

These discounts can not be combined or transferred.

Emerald Ash Borer – Info Session March 26th, Douro Community Center

You are invited to an EAB public education/awareness session at the Douro Community Center on Wednesday, March 24th from 6:30-8:30. Logan Tree Experts will be there to speak to the public about EAB treatment options. Click here for more information.

Logan Tree Experts is currently conducting canopy branch sampling for early detection of EAB. Call now for more information and to book a visit. TreeAzin treatments are conducted from the end of June through August 31st. For more information on EAB click here.

ReLeaf – Plant Health Care (PHC) Program

We are excited to launch the next stage of our ReLeaf plant health care program. We have promoted Jennifer Sek into the new ReLeaf operations manager position. Jenn brings  great enthusiasm and drive along with a solid foundation in customer service and arboriculture. Jenn will be overseeing the entire PHC program including planting, fertilizing, soil amendments and pesticide injections. To learn more about our ReLeaf program click here.

We are also pleased to be expanding our Releaf services this year to serve our clients better. Stay tuned for exciting updates!
Spring To- do List

  • Look for dead, damaged or hanging branches and have them properly pruned
  • Have a certified arborist/tree risk assessor inspect your trees
  • Check mulch around trees (top up, remove from around trunk)
  • Check recent plantings – do they need water? mulch? tree guards or guy wires removed?
  • Plant new trees
  • Fertilize established trees (using organic fertilizers)
  • Have ash trees branch sampled if EAB is suspected

Additional Highlights

  • Foreman Matt Thornton received his ISA Arborist certification
  • Matt Logan received the 2013 Young Professional Award from the East Kawartha Chamber of Commerce
  • Matt Logan was named head judge for the ISA Ontario Tree Climbing Championship
  • Matt Logan was a speaker at the ISA Ontario conference in Huntsville

Did you know that Logan Tree Experts has the most
ISA Certified Arborists in the Kawartha/Peterborough region?

We call ourselves ‘Tree Experts’ for a reason!

Tree Removal Video


No more coffee for the Logan Tree Experts Crew! This is one efficient tree removal performed by Matt Logan and Matt Thornton with ground support by Eric McKay. Thanks to Gary (our client)  for providing us with this great video!  This removal was completed using advanced rigging techniques and procedures to complete a safe and efficient tree removal.